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This site encompasses my thoughts on an evolutionary theology which is both inclusive and aims to reflect the discoveries of Science. It includes links to other like-minded sites. This site is devoted also to our musical activities, particularly the piano and composition. This site encompasses my thoughts on an evolutionary theology which is both inclusive and aims to reflect the discoveries of Science. It includes links to other like-minded sites.This site is devoted also to our musical activities, particularly the piano and composition.

Stuart Specializes in commentating on the Christian Religion, Choir Training, Teaching & Composing.
Moira Specializes in Piano Accompaniment, Examining for the London College of Music, Teaching & Composing.
Together they share an interest in the evolutionary progress of humanity and religion, ecology & alternative medicine.

Thought for the Month A look at how sound and vibrations impact in our lives, the results of new research and why we should pay more attention to them.
Evolutionary Theology is an attempt to start the process of developing a theology for the 21st century based both on sound theological and historical principles but refined by current theories derived from modern physics and Consciousness studies.
The Nature of Christian Theology is an examination of the trends and problems posed by current theological thinking.
Bishop Wilton ChurchDearth of Spirituality is rather a bleak view of the practice of the Christian faith, its current problems and likely demise unless changes occur.
Current Pictures Melrose Abbey, Scotland.
Christianity and the Arts Outside cathedrals there seems a general lack of promotitive appreciation by Christianity's authorities of those elements which currently define spirituality for common humanity, its music, architecture, literature and art.
News & Events The continuing growth of the negative impact of fundamentalism in finance and power politics in the development of the Big Society in Britain, and a fresh look at the message of Easter.
News Archive
Previous items which may be of interest.
Holistic Living is a new departure occasioned by our move to a country where democracy and a modern holistic approach to life is challenged by the power of political, economic and cultural expediency.
Links This page contains links to sites of organisations to which we belong, or to sites which we find harmonious, or progressive to our particular lifestyle.
Thoughts on Theology This includes emerging thoughts on a new web site, Aesthetic Theology, the origin of creation and communication. It will also access my various and evolving thoughts about Theology, and not mere Christian theology, as I develop them through my further readings and insights. It includes a number of previous 'Thoughts for the Month' from Ireland born out of accusations of heresy or of particular occasions.
Science and Fundamentalism A comment on the current major issue where humanity is treated merely as a product, whether by scientists such as Richard Dawkins, or by politicians who seek to destroy the spiritual part of life by regarding every human problem as being solvable by money.
Conflict Resolution To understand and therefore to resolve physical problems of living one must transcend to a higher plane, that of spirituality.

Hidden depths in this site! For over 24 years Stuart & Moira lived in Ireland where Stuart was the Head of Religious Education and Drama in a Protestant School, and Organist & Master of the Choristers at St. Mary's Cathedral in Limerick, an innovator who redeveloped the choir along traditional lines, enhanced the liturgy with new forms of expression, expanded the choir's repertoire, ecumenical and public status, and formed a support organisation for the choir. Moira was Head of Keyboard at a specialist School of Music, accompanist to the Masters Classical String Course at the University of Limerick and became an Examiner for the London College of Music. Together they formed the Limerick Festival Choir & Orchestra, an Early Music Consort, and made many Broadcasts for National Radio. Some of Stuart's compositions were broadcast while Moira, on 2 successive occasions, reached the finals of the RTE Competition for Church Music with her compositions, one of which has now been recorded and published.

Consequently this is a site full of information, reflections, insights, and challenges. While it does not seek to be deliberately controversial the views expressed do not readily accept the 'status quo' of human values in such disciplines as the theology and practice of Christianity, or indeed in the scientific evaluation of our being.
We aim to challenge accepted values in the hope that spiritual and musical humanity may evolve thereby.

After all, that is the ultimate destiny of humanity - to evolve, to reach new heights of understanding and ability, yet to enjoy our creation.

Brief summary of Thought for June, 2012
How aware are we that music and sound vibrations (often unheard) play a far greater impact in our lives?

"Love God with all your Heart and Soul" Yes, but how - through personal discipline, or Divine grace?

Do drop by from time to time. There will be always something new.