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The Questions which arise (click on a line to go to the relevant page):

* AESTHETICS AND CONSCIOUSNESS: THE NEED FOR AESTHETICS. Are Aesthetics paramount or merely an aid to Life and to Theology? Do we need them? The basic logic behind the site is that our right hemisphere needs to be more engaged in shaping life.
* THEIR UNIVERSAL NATURE. Are Aesthetics sufficiently universal to help Theology be holistic and open to all cultures & open religions, or does (indeed should) exclusivity always reign in religion? Is the trend in religions and life in general an irreversible move towards fundamentalism?
* THEOLOGY AND AESTHETICS PART 1. What is the purpose of theology, to promote the well being of the individual, or to sustain an hierarchical society based on secular principles?
* THEOLOGY AND AESTHETICS PART 2. How can architecture aid spiritual Theology in a positive way? A look, particularly at medieval construction and the complexity they achieved.
* THE BIBLE AND AESTHETICS. Can the Bible remain true, yet aesthetically pleasing, if it takes no account of external cultural and religious influences, i.e. how far can we trust the impact purely of the written word alone? How far does knowledge of the evolution of consciousness and of the history of cultural development help us?
* HISTORICAL COMMENTS ON THE VALUE OF AESTHETICS. What have Christian thinkers and philosophers said about Aesthetics through the ages?
* MUSIC AND THEOLOGY. How does music affect us? Is there such a thing as religious music? Is it merely an aid or is there a more underlying sub-conscious unity with the rhythm and harmony of the universe, planet earth, and our own physiology?
* SCIENCE AND AESTHETICS. Does Aesthetic Theology need Science or are they mutually exclusive? The viewpoint of each hemisphere of the brain provides differing solutions. How, if ever, can they be reconciled to mutual benefit? Perhaps the new science of neuroaesthetics has the answer.
* ARCHITECTURE AND THEOLOGY. Are cathedrals and churches really ‘sermons in stone’, speaking to us still across the centuries of their dedication and artistic worthiness? A look particularly at medieval buildings and their symbolism.
* EDUCATION AND AESTHETICS. What is the purpose of education. Is it to teach us the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic to enable us to navigate life, to fit us for the workplace by gaining points for third level education, or should it be to expand our horizons of what it is to be human, physical, emotional and spiritual?
* MORALITY AND AESTHETICS. Can there be any sense of morality in Aesthetics which speaks to our subconscious?
* AESTHETICS AND SURVIVAL. How essential is aesthetics to humanity's survival, or has religion lost its way and have politics and big business become too powerful for humanity to survive?
* AESTHETICS AND POSITIVE ACTION. Should Theology be based more on Aesthetics with engagement in positive affirmations and actions, not solely on accepting written creeds? We should practice as well as develop our own aesthetic understanding to enrich our own lives and those round us.
* LINKS. This will expand to include as many sites I can find which help to understand the problems and provide solutions to the questions and ideas this site raises.
AESTHETIC THEOLOGY NEWS. Current new thoughts and ideas.
AESTHETIC NEWS ARCHIVE An archive of articles on the subject previously aired on this site.
Can Theology be relevant only if it is aesthetic, global, evolutionary, holistic and accessible? This site will expand over the coming months and years to include any new ideas which occur. I particularly intend to develop the video and article elements. Do drop by.