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This will be an expanding list of like-minded sites. For the moment it is limited to 3, my own personal web site, an item on YouTube, and that of one of the organisations to which I belong and which, I feel, contributes to the holistic development of humanity in both a scientific and practical way.

Stuart Gray. Here you will find my own personal view on Theology. This I studied at Birmingham University in the 60s, a time when John Robinson's Honest to God was published along with other open debates, such as Alec Vidler's Soundings, both of which brought into question the whole content of theological understanding, e.g. the god out there or the god within, or did Jesus die on the cross to save humanity or as a symbol of humanity's rejection of the kind of god which Jesus represented (the moral theory of atonement). These books generated true, informed debate, not the modern entrenched party line, evangelical versus liberal warfare we see today. Consequently here you will find my ideas about a whole range of topics, written in the spirit of those early debates and using as much scientific engagement as I find possible. For example, was Jesus God? This concept is rejected by most of the world's other religions yet who still revere him and what he had to say. Perhaps Jesus was so in tune with the universe, more so than most others, that our only way of expressing this with a 4th century consciousness (i.e. the time of Constantine and the first universal creed - the Nicene creed) and that was to say that he was God. Again when we look at the so-called Fall of Man we are in the mindset of Paul, the first 'theologian' to put forward the idea of the fall and alienation from God of humanity through Adam and the necessity to redeem this fall through the Jesus. And yet when we look at the history of the Jews we find no alienation. God led Moses through the wilderness into the promised land, gave him the 10 commandants, spoke though the prophets etc. In Jewish eyes the fall simply does not exist. In this site you will also find more up to date comments on oddities, such as the growth of psychopathy which, according to numerous scientific investigations, now governs much of our politics, business and finance to the detriment of humanity, not only increasing the gap between rich and poor but with a zero regard for the consequences.

The Scientific and Medical Network. I joined this organisation in the 90s when I was head of Religious Education in an Irish Protestant School. At that time, because of the international ethos of the school, I had to cope with some 13 different religions or denominations, from Bahais and Roman Catholics to Muslims and Methodists. I grew to rely, many a time, on the quarterly newsletter of this organisation for lessons to the upper school, ideas not purely about one of its core subjects, the brain and consciousness and their impact on the spiritual, but also on holistic living and the environment, meditation and its benefits. These inputs fascinated the students, and some even went on to read philosophy and religion at university.

YouTube. This will form an increasing presence on the web. This short presentation is called 'Journey into Stillness', and looks at the effect the beauty of church architecture, art and craft can have on our need for spiritual calm.